The DeVos’s Life of Philanthropy

The DeVos Family is a wealthy family in the United States of America. They built their wealth through their company Amway which was cofounded by Richard DeVos Sr. in 1959. Amway is a company that specializes in direct marketing, allowing aspiring entrepreneurs to make money in the process. It is estimated that Richard Jr. has a networth worth $5 billion dollars to date. With all of this wealth, it is to no surprise that the DeVos family are regular contributors to philanthropists work. They are most known for their philanthropy work dealing with the reform of education. They also contribute regularly to their own foundation, the Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation which is in their home state of Michigan. The DeVos family heavily favors donating to religious charities also. Particularly they give to Christian charities. To take it a step further, Dick also donates a portion of his wealth to conservative and Republican political campaigns. There is also a children’s hospital in which Richard and his wife Helen donated $50 million dollars to help build the hospital, which is named after Richard’s wife, the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital. The DeVos have three son’s who also believe in giving to charity and other various causes.

Richard Jr. received his bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northwood University. He later went on to attend the Harvard Business School and the Wharton’s School’s Executive Study Programs, but failed to complete the programs. Despite him not completing the programs, he has received doctorates from Grove City College, Central Michigan University, and Northwood University, more than making up for his previous failed attempt. DeVos began working at Amway in 1974 under his father Richard Sr. and was involved in multiple divisions. Ten years later he would go on to become the vice president and helped further expand the business to heights never reached before. The DeVos family bought the Orlando Magic franchise of the National Basketball Association in 1991 but DeVos would later step down as president and CEO of the team in 1993 to return to Amway in 1993 as President. Amway would later go on to become Alticor in 2000, while DeVos later retired as president in 2002, and now is the President of The Windquest Group which is a privately held investment firm.

Marcio Alaor BMG Recap

For many people across the globe, January is not exactly seen as the most funnest of months. Many people wish for a way to spice up the devastatingly long winter. With the CES event, that is exactly what many people are doing in Las Vegas every year during that month. Being one of the best events to be out there available to those in the technology world, the CES, aka the Consumer Electronics Show, the CES has become very popular indeed.

For all of the people who have gone to the CES in the past, it is a relief every year that they are able to join in on all of the fun offered there. With all of the information able to be learned and all of the cool fun things that are able to be seen there, it is no wonder that the CES event has become so popular in this day and age.

One of biggest things that was spoken about the last event that occurred, was that everyone was thrilled to be able to learn all of the new information there was to learn about the drones and smart houses, and even about the newer electric cars. With all of the things that we are able to do these days, as far as technology is concerned, it is surprising that we are so uniformed as a country.

Without the CES event, so many people would be left in the dark in concerns with technology. That is why the people who created the CES event are so happy to be able to give so many people across the globe the gift of information and fun all wrapped up in one amazing bundle.

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Marcio Alaor

When it comes to being ahead of the game, Marcio Alaor has many beat. As a team member of the great BGM Group of executives, Marcio has had many chances to meet some really great people. Many of the people who have had the pleasure of meeting him have been very excited with the fact that he is such a nice and caring individual, and also have been blown away with how trustworthy he is.

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