George Soros Is Preparing For Bad Times Ahead

There were many signs that seemed like the economy was on a path of recovery. Many people believed that the world economy was going to improve in future years. However, there are many people that do not think this will be the case as time goes on. George Soros has noticed a number of different signs in the Chinese economy, and these signs indicate the country may be in danger. Due to the things that George Soros has seen in the Chinese economy, he has begun to change his investment strategy for his own investments. This is something that he has not done for many years, and seeing this is indicative that he is quite confident that the economy is likely to turn in a negative direction.

George Soros feels that due to economic conditions in the future, stocks will no longer be stable. Instead, he feels that the economy is likely to suffer, causing stocks to drop substantially in value. While he sees the future of China’s economy as the source of the coming economic downturn, he believes that this will have ripple effects throughout the whole world.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

While George Soros has a very pessimistic view about the future of the economy, he is quite confident about the future of his investments. He is now becoming a major investor in precious metals, such as gold. Precious metals make stable investments, during bad times. In some cases, their value even begins to rise when the economy is in a bad state. George Soros feels that his precious metals investments will likely do well, during what he anticipates as the bad times ahead. He feels that investing in precious metals is a wise investment decision at this point in time. In addition to precious metals themselves, he is also buying stocks in companies that mine gold. These companies tend to be successful during bad economic times, because there is more demand for precious metals.

George Soros is a very skilled investor who has been able to adapt to a wide range of economic conditions. In fact, he started an investing company, called Soros Fund Management LLC, during the late 1960s. This company has always provided it’s investors with high rates of return, on average providing annual returns in the ballpark of 20%. He has provided his clients with good returns in different economic conditions, and he is responsible for managing billions of dollars.  Investors could potentially gain useful strategies for the future by listening to his ideas.

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George Soros Thoughts on the Role of European Union in Redeeming Itself by Solving Ukrainian Crisis

This business magnate with dual citizenship is not just your ordinary businessman. Born in 1930 in Hungary as Schwartz George, George Soros in addition to being one of the richest men in the world has a wealth of knowledge you will not easily find.

Some of George’s published opinions include, an article on New York Times, after European parliamentary election and Ukraine’s presidential election, Soros expressed the following concerns. The contrast between the two events is that voters in Europe showed the functioning of European Union whereas Ukraine citizens showed interest in being associated with the European Union.

Bearing in mind that the European Union was formed to foster closer relations with sovereign states who would pool their sovereignty for common good. The aim of this was to replace nationalism and excessive use of force as Soros continues to state in this publication.

However, the euro crisis has completely transformed the European Union entirely. Mr. Soros notes that the current European Union is just a relationship of debtors and creditors where conditions are imposed by lenders to impose their dominance.

Soros also notes that the low voter turnout in European parliamentary elections coupled with the support of Matteo Renzo, Italian prime minister, is a clear indication of the citizenry opposition of current conditions. At the same time, Soros, notes that Russia is a serious and emerging threat to the European Union. Russia is using ethnic, national ideology and support for Orthodox Church for the achievement of its geopolitical ambitions. This is also seen through its continued interest in forming an alliance with China.

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Sustaining Ukraine’s Breakthrough

However, George Soros notes that Putin’s self-ambitions with conflict with Russia’s long-term strategies. Russian is poised to benefit more if it maintains closer ties with the US and the European Union. Due to the use of violence in Maidan, Ukraine is now more determined to separate itself from the Russian empire. The success of this new front will not be favorable for Putin, and that is why he is bent on its failure. Soros notes that even though this plan may not yield results, Putin is expected to seek other means of destabilizing Ukraine.

All this has happened so fast and rapidly that US and European Union are still unaware pf the threat posed by Putin.  Some of the solutions he proposes includes offering political risk assurance to Ukraine’s business partners. This is by far the most crucial and effective measure as it would keep the economy growing despite the crisis and that the US, European Union, and private investors are committed to the betterment of Ukraine. The offer is appealing to prospective business partners and also builds harmony and confidence in the European Union.

As a closing statement, George Soros notes that the European Union has a chance of hitting two birds with the same stone in this case. The European Union by supporting Ukraine will also be saving itself. Such a move would mark the start of a growth policy that Europe needs at the moment.

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