Securus Technologies Volunteers to Offers Free Calls Inmates in the Louisiana State Prison that was affected by Floods.

Securus Technologies is one of the top companies that provide communication solutions to the civil and criminal justice sector of the United States. The main office of the firm is based Dallas, Texas, and it is dedicated to offering services to the about 1.2 million prisoners who are convicted in 3450 correctional facilities in North America. The services of Securus Technologies include control of incidences, emergency response, reporting to the public, biometric analysis, communication, examination of products and services, management of information, and self-service for inmates. The company’s mission is to make the sure that there is security in the world and to connect the families with their loved ones in prison.


The firm recently declared that it will be offering an opportunity to each inmate at the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (LA DOC) to make one free call per day. The free communication service will start on September 7th. This service is meant to help the inmates to keep in touch with their families after the flood that happened in the past days. According to the chief executive officer of the Securus Technologies, connecting the prisoners with their families is an essential action that the company is committed to doing especially after the recent flood tragedy in Louisiana. Communication helps in mitigating the stress and anxiety among the inmates and their family and friends at home.


Securus Technologies’ offer of free calls is valued at $300,000. The company has also volunteered to give a monetary contribution of $50,000 the Louisiana Department of Corrections’ inmate wellbeing fund, as a way of offering more assistance to the prisoners who are incinerated there. Securus Technologies will enable the free calls feature for the whole day with the help of the Department of Corrections. The company has estimated that approximately 250,000 calls will be made in the correctional facilities for the coming seven days.



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Despite the fact that you have probably try to do your own marketing and advertising in the past, it is often a good idea to hire a professional like Nizan Guanaes so that they do the job for you. Not only will this take the guesswork out of marketing and advertising for you, but it will also help you to focus more on your company and doing what people are looking for when it comes to making use of your services that people want to make you so for themselves.

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What is a Mediacre Advantage Plan and What does InnovaCare Health have to do with It?

A Medicare Advantage plan is a health insurance program contracted through the federal government within a division of Medicare. According to recent studies around 33 percent of Americans choose to get their health coverage from Medicare Advantage plans.

A common misconception people insured by Medicare Advantage plans have is that they don’t have original Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans are required by the federal government to provide Part A and Part B Medicare services. The only separation is rules, costs, and regulations that play a role in the way and time you receive care. No matter what Medicare Advantage plan you have emergency and urgently needed care are always covered.

Plans may also offer extra coverage including health and wellness programs. Most have integrated prescription drug coverage or Part D. Medicare Advantage plans receive capitate fee payments by the federal government as a reward for providing these benefits.

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The most popular Medicare Advantage plans include: Health Maintenance Organization, Preferred Provider Organization, and Private Fee For Service. Unlike original Medicare every Medicare Advantage plan must put a cap on out of pocket expenses a recipient has to pay. Each plan has the right to set its own stipulations about the kind of coverage a beneficiary receives. Even the companies that offer these plans have the right to make their own stipulations. For this reason, identical plans offered by different companies may have different rules for coverage.

InnovaCare Health of managed health care services such as Medicaid, Medicare Advantage Plans, and certain physician practice services. InnovaCare Health provides high level healthcare services that are cost effective and sustainable. The company has created innovative network models that are completely functional in advanced technologies we have in our world today. Currently, InnovaCare Health has a membership base of well over a 150,000 individuals. InnovaCare Health is always looking for talented people to be a part of the company. Recently, President and CEO of InnovaCare Health, Richard Shinto, announced the company named three additions to leadership within the corporation. One of the individuals named was accomplished business woman Penelope Kokkinides. She will serve as Chief Administrative Officer.

About Richard Shinto

Rick Shinto has been in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. He held many leadership positions at several hospitals in California before becoming CEO of InnovaCare Health. Shinto is an active member of many health profession committees and also serves as the President of Aveta Inc.