Todd Lubar Sees Success with Unconventional Loans

Loans have a different way that they work with different lenders. The way that lenders traditionally created loan opportunities was by requiring people to have a great credit score and a huge amount of money that they would be able to repay the loan with. When it comes to Todd Lubar and Legendary Investments, the business that he owns, he chose to do loans a different way. Instead of requiring people to meet stringent guidelines, he requires them only to pay a relatively high interest rate. This is something that he has done for a long time and something that he continues to do to make things better for the people who he lends to. The way that he has done business in the past shows in the way that he does things and helps him to make sure that he is doing what he can with the business opportunities that he has.

When it comes to the loans that he has, Todd Lubar has been able to try more and help people out only because he worked so hard in the beginning. By creating a high level of work that he has for himself and for other people, he is able to show people the way that things will be able to make a difference. It is something that he can still do and something that he hopes to do in the future. Hard work is the key to success and Todd Lubar knows that he was only successful from the hard work that he did.

As long as he has been in business, he has managed to stay extremely organized. In fact, organization plays a huge role in every aspect of his life. He wants to make sure that he is being as organized as possible and that people are able to keep track of the different things that are going on in the areas that he is located in. Because of the organization skills he has, the business has been able to benefit from the options that he created and from the organizational skills that he has for people.

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Musicians: Tools of The Trade


The life of a musician can be a difficult one. Trying to achieve the perfect sound can be a challenge because of the sheer amount of variance the sonic world is subjected to. Everything from the space you’re in to the shape of your instrument can affect the sound. That’s why it’s important to work with established brands that have a reputable history.

For the guitarist, some of the best acoustic guitar brands such as Gibson or Fender are household names. With a long history, Gibson has been making instruments for over 100 years while Fender has been making them for over 70 years. These are tried and true brands and are arguably the best simply from the production companies longevity alone. If you are a studio musician, or if you prefer to engineer your own records, the next logical step is to purchase a powerful pair of good headphone brands.

Some of the best headphones come from the company Bose, which provides high end headphones of superior quality. The other popular brand is Audio Technica, a brand that will be familiar to any self-proclaimed audio fanatic. Both brands offer masterful studio headphones of impressive engineering designed to provide the most accurate sound for studio use.

The Lung Institute Makes Helping People With Lung Problems A Priority

People who have to go through a battle with a disease face many obstacles. There is the natural battle with the disease then there is the battle within related to dealing with the disease. Many days of self-doubt and wondering what will happen takes a toll on people affected with any disease. Beyond the disease and the battle within that most people go through related to having any disease, the daily struggle with the effects caused by the disease must be overcome.

Many people have to go through numerous things to overcome a disease or contend with the disease. While some diseases can be cured or put into remission, there are some diseases where the medical field has not been able to find a way to cure or handle the disease. People with diseases must go through many things regarding the disease. There is a lot of known and unknown concerning all diseases.

Lung diseases are some of the toughest diseases to deal with for many people. Although lung diseases are not discussed as often as some other diseases, the problems that result from lung diseases can cause many medical related issues. A lot of these issues concern the ability to bring air into the lungs and send air back out. This is a normal human process that many do normally on a daily basis without thinking about it. However, for people who have problems related to being able to take in air or send air out, the importance of the lungs is realized every time they try to inhale or exhale.

There are many medical facilities that focus on providing research and services regarding the lungs. These places have been extremely important in making it possible for many people to live a somewhat normal life while battling lung disease. The Lung Institute is one of these medical facilities. Read more about COPD and other lung disease on

At the Lung Institute, medical research has found ways of treating patients with lung diseases using new treatment techniques such as stem cells. The Lung Institute in Cedars-Sinai uses stem cell treatment to help many people who come to The Lung Institute for medical services to help them regarding their lung disease.

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Wine Tasting Made So Easy!

Wine tasting has come far since way back when. You can still travel to taste your favorite liquors, but instead of tagging along a designated driver or calling a cab afterward, The Traveling Vineyard has had made it possible to host your very own wine tasting in the comfort of your home.

It all started in 2001, when Rick Libby thought up a try before you buy method with wine. It was then brainstormed that others could make a business out of it with no delivery fee. One of the many glorious benefits of being a wine entrepreneur through Traveling Vineyard is a very flexible schedule. Since it is a work-from-home employment, a parent can work as little or as much as they need to, setting up tasting conventions from their home while their little one is at soccer practice.

Secondly, a little extra cash does not harm at all. A Wine Guide, as their official website refers to them as, sets their own schedule as referred before. So ones income depends completely on them.

Furthermore, you can find out for yourself how amazing Traveling Vineyard is by their official Facebook page. There, they offer candid photos of the wine parties where the hosts throw in their abodes. There’s also a select few reviews from the hosts themselves they offer for all those interested to read. Also, as you can find on their Instagram they supply photos of new wine they get shipped in, as well as re-gramming their fans’ lovely experiences.

So as you can tell, Traveling Vineyard is a ‘traveling’ business, growing more and more as time continues on. It includes free wine delivery, parties at your convenience, convenience to work from home, and meet with Wine Guides to help you start your business. Simplicity at its finest.

A Sneak Peek into Twenty Three Layers and Their Meteoric Rise in Event Planning

Planning a party should not be a stressful process, contrary to what most people think. By adhering to simple tips, you can rest assured that your next event will be a resounding success. Before sending out several invitations, strive to make your party as interesting as possible. On the contrary, incorporate creativity to appeal to your specific target audience. To break down the complete guidelines into doable ideas, corporate event planners in NYC highly encourage clients to comply with the following essential guidelines:


  • One month before the party: During this stage, event planning companies in NYC will unilaterally advise you to set the date, time and venue for the party. Deciding on the theme is also a major consideration to factor in. While planning, determine the overall budget and estimate the cost of each element to ensure its relevancy and availability. Make sure to add a creative touch to your party by incorporating entertainment, sumptuous food and beautiful décor.


  • Three weeks before: During this stage, mail or email invitations to your target guests to confirm their availability on the D-day. Preparation wise, rent extra chairs from a local company and order interior decoration accessories such as flowers. Since meals will be a major highlight, make sure you have the necessary serving utensils. You could buy or rent to supplement any deficiency.


  • A few days before: At such a time, follow up with guests who haven’t yet R.S.V.P.’d. Stock up on wine and other beverages. Buy groceries and additional items as well as washing glassware, silverware and serving pieces.


  • The day before: Prepare and chop fruits and vegetables, wash salad greens and refrigerate. Prepare any salad dressings that can be refrigerated.


  • Morning of: On the auspicious day, set the table and chill beverages. Empty the trash and ensure hygiene in all bathrooms.


Profile of Twenty Three Layers


Twenty Three Layers is a full-service event planning and design entity based in NYC. The company strictly adopts a creative and vibrant outlook to personalize the individual needs of its clients. The company’s stellar reputation has made it the most sought event planning company in New York and beyond.

Jeffry Schneider: The CEO of Ascendant Capital Is Taking The Investment Industry By Storm

Jeffry Schneider is the kind of man that takes control of his own future. As CEO and founder of one of the most successful alternative investment companies, Ascendant Capital LLC., he has a long history of winning and making the correct decisions that lead to profit. Thanks to him, his boutique firm has raised over $1 billion, and he plans on pushing himself and the rest of his team to new heights over the next year by earning a career high of $50 million a month. The capital that the company raises gets wisely invested into further ventures, such as, auto dealerships, real estate, tech companies, and more, and the over fifty broker dealers, 250 investment advisors, and numerous family offices that his firm works with are all happy to be a part of the success that is Ascendant. Follow him on twitter: Click here.

Jeffry Schneider takes the same attitude in his personal life that he does in his working career. He always expects the most out of himself, and he is constantly testing his own limits. In his spare time, he competes in half ironman races that include a 1.2 mile swim, a 56 mile bicycle ride, and 13.1 mile run. He gets to visit various countries around the world to take part in these competitions and some of these locations have included New Zealand, Vietnam, Chile, Saint Croix, Croatia, and many different states in the U.S.A. He also watches his diet very closely and adds to his own knowledge about nutrition and healthy eating by doing plenty of research. He takes his knowledge back to the workplace and ensures that all of the workers at Ascendant are taken care of by assuring that they always have access to healthy food. He knows that without your health, life is that much harder.

Jeffry Schneider’s generous nature has inspired him to give, give, and give some more. Among the many organizations and charitable causes that have received support from him are the Gazelle Foundation, Wonders and Worries, Camp Honey Creek’s Summer Dream Program, the Cherokee Home for Children, Gods Love We Deliver, Trinity Episcopal School of Austin, and Mobile Loaves and Fishes.Find him on Facebook: