Cassio Audi: The Hope of the Viper Band

Formation of the Viper Rock Band
Before he became known in the business industry, Cassio Audi was an astute musician. He started his musical career alongside Andre Machado, Pit Passarell, Yves Passarel and Machado Felipe who together they formed Viper Rock band in the mid 80’s. As a member of this rock band, he was in charge of the drums a part the he played so dutifully and skillfully. When he was earlier interviewed, he confessed to having acquired this rare skill only through inspiration from the British heavy metal music. These skills helped him in the development of his career.
Brazil and Beyond
His incredibility with the instrument earned him a lot of fame as he steered the group to stardom all over Brazil and even beyond its borders. Audi continued with his music career touring the world and helping his to release their first album, called the Killer Sword. In the album, the tracks featured included Princes from Hell, Killera, and Nightmare as the demos which they later included in their finer version of the album in 1987. As any other group facing set backs, theirs was never an exception. In fact they got hostility from their critics who opined that their showings require a lot of refinement. Even as they sang in English: which was their second language, they still natured their talent to greater heights.
Leaving the Band
By the time Audi left the group early in 1989, their Soldiers of Sunrise album had already received a Four-star by All music which was a major milestone to the band. After he left the band, the group still released the second album that was very successful in the group’s musical journey. The theatre of fate album did so well that it got accolades from all corner of globe for its enriching lyrics and well-choreographed presentation.

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