End Citizens United Challenges Citizens United

The rights of citizens in the United States are being overturned, and this is because the elects are selfish enough not to look after the needs of those who provided them with votes to successfully acquire seat in Congress. For instance, Coffman has continually received finance from private citizens and organizations that intend to benefit from his political tenure.

Coffman has received more than $1.8 million over a period of 10 years, and this has enabled him to win the seat in Congress continually. The latest case of support from Super Political Action Committees investing into the political system of the nation is the victory by Donald Trump. Tiffany Muller feels that if such actions are left uncontrolled, then it is the country which will suffer a great deal.

Citizens United was a product of a un-consulted decision by the high court to allow the investment of Big Money in different political organizations. Coffman has previously purported that Jason Crow is trying to dupe the citizens as he is taking money from PAC’s, yet at the same time he claims that it is wrong. However, many citizens have realized the need to support the politicians who they elected into Congress as it will be possible to ask for results.

On the other case, politicians who benefit from Super PAC’s only please the few who provided them with Big Money so that the can get into congress. The support that Joseph Crow is receiving from the PAC (End Citizens United) is massive. For instance, in the initial quarter of the fundraising year, Crow managed to garner $294,481. A unique factor that continues to distinguish End Citizens United from the Super PAC’s is the fact that the members are not allowed to donate more than $5000 at an instance.

However, it is surprising that the PAC continues to receive massive support, and in other cases, it has managed to raise more finance than other well established Super PAC’s, an indication that many people are tired of a broken campaign system. The game of financial support that is being played in Washington by the elects will hurt the nation further. Jason Crow has been able to stand out uniquely amongst other elects in the country as he has chosen to take the path of the few in the society.

Tiffany Muller is continually pushing to expand the PAC’s operations into other regions of the United States, and in the Process, assist many people to realize the importance of supporting those who they elect into office. According End Citizens United Press Secretary, Ann Feldman, political accountability is the only way of ensuring that those in Congress are not crooks who are out to look after their own needs at the expense of those who work hard to pay their salaries.

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End Citizens United And The Fight Against Election Meddling

The 2016 Presidential Election is going to go down as one of the most bizarre, possibly illegal, elections in United States history. Having Donald Trump as the Republican frontrunner debating Democratic Hillary Clinton reminded people of Biff battling Lesley Knope. Yet the results were what they were and Donald Trump took his position in the Oval Office. Since then the United States and the government specifically have been rocked by headline after headline relating to the potential hacking of the election. Now the most recent news is that Facebook may have helped to make our elections more vulnerable.

Robert Mueller is the former FBI Director that has been tasked with investigating President Donald Trump and his ties to Russia during the Presidential Election. The appointment of Mr. Mueller has rendered out headline after headline as the astute counselor continues to dig deeper into the swath of data that exists surrounding the election. Most recently Muller has set his sights on Facebook and the sway that it may have given to Russian companies looking to actually sway the Presidential Election. It was revealed just recently that in 2016 a Russian e-farm spent more than $100,000 in order to run fake stories as advertisements in order to slander Hillary Clinton. Now Muller is digging even deeper to see how far the rabbit hole goes and whether or not it ultimately leads to Donald Trump himself.

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This latest investigation shows just how important it is to have strong campaign regulations in place. When special interests and foreign governments can bring money straight to the United States to sway the election as a foreign actor that is a big problem. Right wing legislators have been working day and night to strip voting rights from as many Americans as possible and you only need to look back at the 2010 Supreme Court ruling in the case of Citizens United to understand it. Citizens United, a conservative group, sought to unleash waves of special interest donations in the world of politics by arguing that corporations were people and that their donations was an extension of their ‘speech’. Citizens United was as blatant as possible and it was easy to see that their goal was to bring in as many billionaires and millionaires into the fold as possible — because they tend to vote for Republicans.

End Citizens United is a group that was formed in response to the 2010 ruling. The goal of End Citizens United is to bring back some level of parity to the United States government in order to give a voice back to the American voters. End Citizens United is focused on getting high level legislators elected in order to champion campaign finance reform.

See: http://www.politifact.com/personalities/end-citizens-united/

The Reasons Adam Milstein Is Considered America’s Most Prominent Pro-Israel Philanthropist

Adam Milstein has become the most prominent philanthropist in America that is pro-Israel. Many believe Israel is in his blood, heart, and soul. Much of his philanthropy is given to organizations providing strength to Israel, the Jewish people, and the relationship existing between the United States, and Israel. His expertise has provided Jewish education, with an approach that is hands on, efficient, and influential. He has devoted his time to helping organizations unite to achieve their goals, fostered culture in the Israeli community, and reached a wide audience with efforts.

The Milstein Foundation impacts his philosophy by finding, funding, and developing organizations to ensure the engagement of his target audience. Adam Milstein’s programs are tailored for all phases of life, and provides Israeli, and Jewish Americans with a connection to Israel. He has had a big impact on Jewish life in America, with a philosophy that is unique, and effective. He is one of the country’s foremost Israeli-Americans, and has assisted the cooperation between pro-Israel organizations located all over America.

Adam Milstein became interested in philanthropy due to the charitable actions of a colleague. He was introduced to ma’aser rishon by a colleague, this being a Jewish practice where a person gives charity ten percent of their annual income. He founded the Sifriyat Pijama B’ America with his wife Gila, and provides free books written in Hebrew to help Jewish American families teach the Jewish values, and language to their children.

Adam Milstein additionally founded a Council for Israeli-Americans to strengthen the community, and by 2014 he had reached over 100,000 individuals. He is on the board for many organizations including the Hasbara Fellowships, the Jewish Funders Network, and the AIPAC National Council. Adam Milstein involves himself in the efforts to stop the Sanctions, Divestment, and Boycott movements. He had used his knowledge, and understanding to write about how much hatred the movement expresses, and he sees as an enormous threat to Israel, and the west. Adam Milstein is often seen on twitter, and has become a key leader in the matters relating to both Israel, and Jewish life.

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