Quality education from Rocketship Education


Rocketship Education is a nonprofit network of charter schools that strive to benefit children from low-income families. They also target students from neighborhoods whose access to the quality education system is limited. The organization is community-based and they aspire to lift teachers while at the same time engaging parents towards the provision of quality education.

Unique approach to education

Rocketship Education strives to improve on the traditional methods of learning and building on them to ensure that students do not miss on future opportunities. The philosophy of providing quality education is built on core values. The values dictate that each child is unique in each of their own ways.

Another belief that the organization has is that excellent leaders and teachers create schools that are transformational. Also, to ensure that there is no achievement gap, parents are involved in the running of the schools.

Parent participate in hiring of teachers

Parents are usually involved in the process of hiring teachers. This is done to ensure that the quality of education being offered is maintained. This practice is common among all charter schools that are run by Rocketship Education. This, according to the CEO is so that parents are in the know on who is responsible for teaching their children

To ensure that the process of recruitment meets the required quality threshold, parents are taken through training on how to conduct interviews. Rocketship Education organizes for meetings involving the community to meet those that have been shortlisted for the interviews.

Positive values that are taught in the school

Rocketship Education charter schools are based on positive values that are instilled in the students. The values are meant to ensure that the students are able to become responsible people when they go back to the community. Rocketship Education has established a system where there are four values that are shared among the charter schools.

The organization also allows each of the charter schools to have an extra value that is unique to the school. The values that are shared among the five schools include persistence, empathy, responsibility, and respect. The fifth value is unique to each school and describes the value system for that school.

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