George Soros; From Managing Hedge Funds To Transferring Majority Of His Wealth To Philanthropy

Recently the revelation that George Soros had transferred a significant portion of his wealth to the Open Society Foundations left the philanthropic world in awe. According to the spokesperson of OSF, Laura Silber, George Soros has committed a cumulative $18 billion to the organization up until last month. The Wall Street Journal was one of the media outlets that were first to break this new news.

George Soros is among the few entrepreneurs whose net worth is high. George works hard to ensure that the world is more cohesive and habitable. By investing in hedge funds and forex trading, George has been able to make a name for himself on Wall Street. Through his company called The George Soros Fund Management George has managed to earn himself and most of his clients a lot of wealth. His prowess in the corporate world is attributed to his background. His childhood played a significant role in molding him into what he has become. Growing up, he discovered that if one directs his efforts towards the good of society then, he or she shall be able to make quite a vast fortune for themselves. When he attained minimum age, George left his home in Hungary in search of an education in Europe. He joined the London School of Economics. There he pursued Economics. During his study period at LSE, he came across a professor who tutored him in the field of philosophy.

Later on, when he left the UK, George went to Wall Street. Wall Street is the financial district of the world. It was there that his career in the field of finance started. In the business world, he became famous for being the man who made $1.5 billion in just a night by speculating currency. Presently George Soros is one of the most respected entrepreneurs on Wall Street. He has under his name assets worth $30 billion that is under the management of his hedge fund company.


His businesses aside, George has gained popularity for his humane ways. He has donated funds of up to $12 billion towards charity projects, charity institutions and even to people with the same philanthropic agenda. George is also an enthusiast of politics both locally and internationally. In the United States, George is known to have supported the campaigns of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton financially. In 2012 George Soros funded the campaigns of Barrack Obama with more than $1 million. Later on, in 2015, he contributed towards the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton. He has ignored harsh critics to see to it that the US benefits from a crop of competent leaders. Read more on

According to Forbes, An American business magazine, focused on business entrepreneurship, investments, and technology, George Soros has a net worth amounting to $25.7 billion. He is ranked among the top 30 wealthiest persons in the world. We cannot talk about George’s success without mentioning his hedge fund company. The Soros Fund Management has earned him most of his fortune. He uses his wealth and his impact in the business world to facilitate great programs all over the world. His background in philanthropy can be traced back to the 1970s. Read more on Fox News about George Soros.

Securus Technologies Instrumental in Crime Prevention in Prison

When I first started my job working as a corrections officer in Georgia’s most violent prison, I knew that my fellow officers would have to watch my back or I would be in trouble. These inmates have all the time in the world on their hands, and they are gaming the system at any chance they can get. Part of taking advantages of weakness are putting me and my fellow officers in harm’s way. Over the years however, thanks to a number of changes in technology, we have finally made our prison one of the most secure in the country.


One of the decisions that this prison made that was key to the positive changes was when we called Securus Technologies to help lock down this jail. Up until then, officers were required to sit in a small call center and listen to the inmates talking on the jail phones and trying desperately to see if they were discussing anything that could put us at risk. Those days are over, because the Securus Technologies call monitoring system uses LBS software to scan the calls more accurately and allow officers to be out on the floor instead of trapped in a call center.


This same monitoring system has been used successfully in thousands of different type jails around the country. Instead of me and my officers having to try and anticipate trouble or take action after the fact, now the alerts are giving us an opportunity to finally get ahead of potential issues and keep things safer for officers, inmates, guests, and any staff in the jail. If inmates are trying to talk about violence, gangs, drugs, and contraband, while on the jail phone, we are going to hear what they say and be able to take quick action to deal with it.


Quality education from Rocketship Education


Rocketship Education is a nonprofit network of charter schools that strive to benefit children from low-income families. They also target students from neighborhoods whose access to the quality education system is limited. The organization is community-based and they aspire to lift teachers while at the same time engaging parents towards the provision of quality education.

Unique approach to education

Rocketship Education strives to improve on the traditional methods of learning and building on them to ensure that students do not miss on future opportunities. The philosophy of providing quality education is built on core values. The values dictate that each child is unique in each of their own ways.

Another belief that the organization has is that excellent leaders and teachers create schools that are transformational. Also, to ensure that there is no achievement gap, parents are involved in the running of the schools.

Parent participate in hiring of teachers

Parents are usually involved in the process of hiring teachers. This is done to ensure that the quality of education being offered is maintained. This practice is common among all charter schools that are run by Rocketship Education. This, according to the CEO is so that parents are in the know on who is responsible for teaching their children

To ensure that the process of recruitment meets the required quality threshold, parents are taken through training on how to conduct interviews. Rocketship Education organizes for meetings involving the community to meet those that have been shortlisted for the interviews.

Positive values that are taught in the school

Rocketship Education charter schools are based on positive values that are instilled in the students. The values are meant to ensure that the students are able to become responsible people when they go back to the community. Rocketship Education has established a system where there are four values that are shared among the charter schools.

The organization also allows each of the charter schools to have an extra value that is unique to the school. The values that are shared among the five schools include persistence, empathy, responsibility, and respect. The fifth value is unique to each school and describes the value system for that school.

Sentient AI – Ecommerce Recommendation Engine

Ecommerce is a growing and multifaceted industry requiring a great deal of marketing and expertise. Ecommerce marketing strategies have developed over the years to involve artificial intelligence (AI), which can be used to make the proper recommendations to online buyers. Sentient is at the forefront of developing AI technologies for ecommerce.

Prior to the popularity of online buying, brick and mortar stores utilized the knowledge of salespeople to anticipate the needs and desires of customers. However, as the shopping habits of consumers changed, so have the means by which companies advertise to customers. Many ecommerce companies rely on information such as algorithms to determine the products or services that a consumer is likely to purchase.

This strategy of using algorithms has become antiquated as more people utilize their mobile devices to surf the internet and to make online purchases. With these new shopping habits in mind, Sentient Technologies has developed several services that ensure that customers have an optimal experience when making online purchases. For instance, Sentient Aware technology utilizes an AI sales associate to assist customers with their shopping. Sentient AI Ecommerce Recommendation engine is revolutionary in that it uses pictures instead of text to anticipate the needs and wants of online shoppers. An ecommerce platform can then advertise to customers in a manner that is consistent with their individual interest and purchasing patterns. This technology can also assist customers in finding the exact products and services they need without lengthy searches of irrelevant products. This ecommerce recommendation engine provides consumers with a personalized experience that is unique and efficient.

The competitive nature of ecommerce necessitates marketing strategies that effectively advertise products and services to those who are most likely to purchase them. Sentient AI Ecommerce Recommendation Engine presents consumers with personalized ecommerce solutions regardless of the type of device being used. This personalized experience ensures users will have access to the products and services that best fits their needs.

How Boraie Development Has Helped Transform Downtown New Brunswick

Many immigrants come into USA each year. They come with American inspired dreams of prosperity and business success. Omar Boraie had such dreams 40 years ago as he entered the country, leaving his native Egypt behind. He settled in New Brunswick, New Jersey, then a town with wonderful people and spectacular landscapes. New Brunswick began a slow decent until the housing market plummeted. A nearby college also experienced student housing shortages. There was one major employer company that promised to ride this downward phase out. Johnson & Johnson began investing in the town. Around the same time, Omar Boraie saw the wisdom of rapidly buying up these now low priced city lots.

Boraie Development is said to be the driving force in providing local sophisticated apartments according to a revealing blog posting by “Central Jersey Working Moms” awhile back. This realty company is responsible for the ultimate in luxury Aspire Apartments. This massive complex has phenomenal apartments in one, two and three bedroom choices. The interior designs are all different, and the apartments include lovely terraces and enticing balconies. These high-end apartments are not far from New Brunswick Train Station. Many of the apartment dwellers have jobs in Manhattan, and regularly commute via the nearby train. For more details visit Bloomberg.

According to NYTimes, the elite apartments in the Aspire building have many gorgeous features. Quartz counters, stainless steel appliances and a full-function gourmet kitchen draws many favorable gasps. The bathroom porcelain flooring and ceramic tiles surrounding shower and tub, complement the attractive kitchen backsplash of glass tiles. These spacious apartments have incredible downtown views, and the residents enjoy the close proximity to local food establishments and other city attractions. Omar Boraie has helped to create a thriving downtown region that now offers fantastic office areas and stunning high-class apartment housing. Boraie Development continues to be successful, and Omar’s son Wasseem, also is involved in this company’s many real estate interests.

Many of the city’s rising professionals rent office space in one of two towers created by Boraie Development. A good many of these office professionals also live in this realty company’s chic and striking nearby apartments. The town’s college is also adding more student housing and upgrading other structures. Today, New Brunswick is again dynamic and thriving. People are moving to the convenient neighborhoods with outstanding housing options. Boraie Realty prides itself on individualized customer service care. They offer many services, and Boraie Development remains profitable.

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End Citizens United Challenges Citizens United

The rights of citizens in the United States are being overturned, and this is because the elects are selfish enough not to look after the needs of those who provided them with votes to successfully acquire seat in Congress. For instance, Coffman has continually received finance from private citizens and organizations that intend to benefit from his political tenure.

Coffman has received more than $1.8 million over a period of 10 years, and this has enabled him to win the seat in Congress continually. The latest case of support from Super Political Action Committees investing into the political system of the nation is the victory by Donald Trump. Tiffany Muller feels that if such actions are left uncontrolled, then it is the country which will suffer a great deal.

Citizens United was a product of a un-consulted decision by the high court to allow the investment of Big Money in different political organizations. Coffman has previously purported that Jason Crow is trying to dupe the citizens as he is taking money from PAC’s, yet at the same time he claims that it is wrong. However, many citizens have realized the need to support the politicians who they elected into Congress as it will be possible to ask for results.

On the other case, politicians who benefit from Super PAC’s only please the few who provided them with Big Money so that the can get into congress. The support that Joseph Crow is receiving from the PAC (End Citizens United) is massive. For instance, in the initial quarter of the fundraising year, Crow managed to garner $294,481. A unique factor that continues to distinguish End Citizens United from the Super PAC’s is the fact that the members are not allowed to donate more than $5000 at an instance.

However, it is surprising that the PAC continues to receive massive support, and in other cases, it has managed to raise more finance than other well established Super PAC’s, an indication that many people are tired of a broken campaign system. The game of financial support that is being played in Washington by the elects will hurt the nation further. Jason Crow has been able to stand out uniquely amongst other elects in the country as he has chosen to take the path of the few in the society.

Tiffany Muller is continually pushing to expand the PAC’s operations into other regions of the United States, and in the Process, assist many people to realize the importance of supporting those who they elect into office. According End Citizens United Press Secretary, Ann Feldman, political accountability is the only way of ensuring that those in Congress are not crooks who are out to look after their own needs at the expense of those who work hard to pay their salaries.

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End Citizens United And The Fight Against Election Meddling

The 2016 Presidential Election is going to go down as one of the most bizarre, possibly illegal, elections in United States history. Having Donald Trump as the Republican frontrunner debating Democratic Hillary Clinton reminded people of Biff battling Lesley Knope. Yet the results were what they were and Donald Trump took his position in the Oval Office. Since then the United States and the government specifically have been rocked by headline after headline relating to the potential hacking of the election. Now the most recent news is that Facebook may have helped to make our elections more vulnerable.

Robert Mueller is the former FBI Director that has been tasked with investigating President Donald Trump and his ties to Russia during the Presidential Election. The appointment of Mr. Mueller has rendered out headline after headline as the astute counselor continues to dig deeper into the swath of data that exists surrounding the election. Most recently Muller has set his sights on Facebook and the sway that it may have given to Russian companies looking to actually sway the Presidential Election. It was revealed just recently that in 2016 a Russian e-farm spent more than $100,000 in order to run fake stories as advertisements in order to slander Hillary Clinton. Now Muller is digging even deeper to see how far the rabbit hole goes and whether or not it ultimately leads to Donald Trump himself.

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This latest investigation shows just how important it is to have strong campaign regulations in place. When special interests and foreign governments can bring money straight to the United States to sway the election as a foreign actor that is a big problem. Right wing legislators have been working day and night to strip voting rights from as many Americans as possible and you only need to look back at the 2010 Supreme Court ruling in the case of Citizens United to understand it. Citizens United, a conservative group, sought to unleash waves of special interest donations in the world of politics by arguing that corporations were people and that their donations was an extension of their ‘speech’. Citizens United was as blatant as possible and it was easy to see that their goal was to bring in as many billionaires and millionaires into the fold as possible — because they tend to vote for Republicans.

End Citizens United is a group that was formed in response to the 2010 ruling. The goal of End Citizens United is to bring back some level of parity to the United States government in order to give a voice back to the American voters. End Citizens United is focused on getting high level legislators elected in order to champion campaign finance reform.


The Reasons Adam Milstein Is Considered America’s Most Prominent Pro-Israel Philanthropist

Adam Milstein has become the most prominent philanthropist in America that is pro-Israel. Many believe Israel is in his blood, heart, and soul. Much of his philanthropy is given to organizations providing strength to Israel, the Jewish people, and the relationship existing between the United States, and Israel. His expertise has provided Jewish education, with an approach that is hands on, efficient, and influential. He has devoted his time to helping organizations unite to achieve their goals, fostered culture in the Israeli community, and reached a wide audience with efforts.

The Milstein Foundation impacts his philosophy by finding, funding, and developing organizations to ensure the engagement of his target audience. Adam Milstein’s programs are tailored for all phases of life, and provides Israeli, and Jewish Americans with a connection to Israel. He has had a big impact on Jewish life in America, with a philosophy that is unique, and effective. He is one of the country’s foremost Israeli-Americans, and has assisted the cooperation between pro-Israel organizations located all over America.

Adam Milstein became interested in philanthropy due to the charitable actions of a colleague. He was introduced to ma’aser rishon by a colleague, this being a Jewish practice where a person gives charity ten percent of their annual income. He founded the Sifriyat Pijama B’ America with his wife Gila, and provides free books written in Hebrew to help Jewish American families teach the Jewish values, and language to their children.

Adam Milstein additionally founded a Council for Israeli-Americans to strengthen the community, and by 2014 he had reached over 100,000 individuals. He is on the board for many organizations including the Hasbara Fellowships, the Jewish Funders Network, and the AIPAC National Council. Adam Milstein involves himself in the efforts to stop the Sanctions, Divestment, and Boycott movements. He had used his knowledge, and understanding to write about how much hatred the movement expresses, and he sees as an enormous threat to Israel, and the west. Adam Milstein is often seen on twitter, and has become a key leader in the matters relating to both Israel, and Jewish life.

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Why It Is Important To Keeping Money Off Political Campaigns

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is a body at the fore-front when it comes to raising funds from donors to support their political candidates. The committee has helped many Democrats with their political ambitions over the years. Additionally, the body offers advice and suggestions to campaign committees. They also organize campaigns using their funds for candidates who cannot afford to go over the board with their budgets. The group argues that supporting a reduction in the money that goes into political campaigns is important for both Democrats and Republicans. Reducing moneyed interests in politics ensures that issues affecting the electorate are tackled.

Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee endorsed three House Democratic candidates a move aimed at promoting finance reforms in politics. The group wants Democrat candidates to preach the importance of using less money in political campaigns. The three individuals are expected to act as an example to the rest. Although their grievances are similar to those of End Citizen United, their message resonates with voters who believe that monetary interests drive politics in Washington DC. Therefore, they want their candidates to take on this new approach to politics that the electorate will support. They believe that the approach promotes a fair playground for all aspiring politicians.

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End Citizens United is an action committee created in 2010 to ensure the election of campaign finance champions to Congress. It is one of the groups in the country that spend a lot of money on campaigns. The committee aims to control the power that wealthy individuals have over political outcomes in the country. Therefore, they collect money from donors to support aspiring politicians who cannot fund their campaigns. The group has a donation cap that only allows them to accept only 5,000 dollars from willing donors.

However, the team’s aggressive fundraising techniques raised concerns when they raised four million dollars in just over a three-month period. What’s more, the group plans on increasing that figure to thirty-five million dollars before the 2018 Congressional elections. These numbers surpass the twenty-five million dollars collected by PAC in 2016. End Citizen United uses their money in conjunction with other finance groups to push for significant changes in the Senate. Although they failed, the team used its influence to stop the nomination of Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education in Trump’s administration. The political committee also supports the congressional campaigns of Jon Ossoff in Georgia. The group believes that the move will ensure that leaders have a fair shot at winning legislative seats, and not leave the running of government to wealthy individuals in the country who only push their agendas.

Whitney Wolfe Wears Oscar de la Renta in Gorgeous Wedding on Amalfi Coast

Bumble founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe married Texas oil heir Michael Herd in a uniquely romantic ceremony at the Villa Treville in Positano, Italy. Set on the cliffside of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, it was lavish wedding. The elegant reception was candle lit by tall, lavender tapers, decorated with hundreds of red roses, and guests were afforded an incomparable view of the ocean. Wolfe met Herd three years ago while skiing in Aspen, Colorado with friends, and the two have been together ever since.

Wearing a gorgeous mermaid style, full lace Oscar de la Renta wedding gown, she was followed by an impressive cathedral-length train. With long, lace sleeves and a plunging V back, Wolfe turned heads all night and continues to do so thanks to she and Herd’s customized wedding hashtag, #homeiswheretheherdis. Her bridesmaids wore simple, cream silk gowns that set Wolfe’s intricate lace apart. Wolfe changed into a short lace dress to dance in – a very practical but no less elegant choice.

Wolfe’s app, Bumble is unique in the dating app market because it gives women control in the process. Women have to make the first move, and the overall vibe is chiller than competitor apps such as Tinder. In addition, many women found great friends, not just romantic partners, while using the app. In response, Bumble BFF was launched in order to facilitate best friend finding. Now, people who are already in relationships but are looking to expand their social network have a new place to turn!

Having built her career by building apps to help people find love, it’s only fitting she found her own happy ending. Recently, Bumble introduced a feature called SuperSwipe, which enables users to indicate strong interest in a potential match – sort of like going up to someone and saying “Hello,” rather than just making eye contact and hoping to be noticed. In its first two years, Bumble had over 5,000 engagements and weddings stem from encounters facilitated by the app. Wolfe herself never used Bumble for dating – she had already met Herd by the time she created it – but says she would have absolutely used it had it been around earlier. It’s clear that she knows what she’s talking about.

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