George Soros; From Managing Hedge Funds To Transferring Majority Of His Wealth To Philanthropy

Recently the revelation that George Soros had transferred a significant portion of his wealth to the Open Society Foundations left the philanthropic world in awe. According to the spokesperson of OSF, Laura Silber, George Soros has committed a cumulative $18 billion to the organization up until last month. The Wall Street Journal was one of the media outlets that were first to break this new news.

George Soros is among the few entrepreneurs whose net worth is high. George works hard to ensure that the world is more cohesive and habitable. By investing in hedge funds and forex trading, George has been able to make a name for himself on Wall Street. Through his company called The George Soros Fund Management George has managed to earn himself and most of his clients a lot of wealth. His prowess in the corporate world is attributed to his background. His childhood played a significant role in molding him into what he has become. Growing up, he discovered that if one directs his efforts towards the good of society then, he or she shall be able to make quite a vast fortune for themselves. When he attained minimum age, George left his home in Hungary in search of an education in Europe. He joined the London School of Economics. There he pursued Economics. During his study period at LSE, he came across a professor who tutored him in the field of philosophy.

Later on, when he left the UK, George went to Wall Street. Wall Street is the financial district of the world. It was there that his career in the field of finance started. In the business world, he became famous for being the man who made $1.5 billion in just a night by speculating currency. Presently George Soros is one of the most respected entrepreneurs on Wall Street. He has under his name assets worth $30 billion that is under the management of his hedge fund company.


His businesses aside, George has gained popularity for his humane ways. He has donated funds of up to $12 billion towards charity projects, charity institutions and even to people with the same philanthropic agenda. George is also an enthusiast of politics both locally and internationally. In the United States, George is known to have supported the campaigns of Barrack Obama and Hillary Clinton financially. In 2012 George Soros funded the campaigns of Barrack Obama with more than $1 million. Later on, in 2015, he contributed towards the presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton. He has ignored harsh critics to see to it that the US benefits from a crop of competent leaders. Read more on

According to Forbes, An American business magazine, focused on business entrepreneurship, investments, and technology, George Soros has a net worth amounting to $25.7 billion. He is ranked among the top 30 wealthiest persons in the world. We cannot talk about George’s success without mentioning his hedge fund company. The Soros Fund Management has earned him most of his fortune. He uses his wealth and his impact in the business world to facilitate great programs all over the world. His background in philanthropy can be traced back to the 1970s. Read more on Fox News about George Soros.

Bob Reina: He Is Never Going To Back Down

Bob Reina is the type of person that does not back down from a challenge of any kind. In fact, he does not see something as a challenge. He sees it as a chance for self-improvement. Even with the greatest of companies and Talk Fusion is a GREAT company, there are going to be roadblocks and there are going to obstacles. That is only natural and that is part of the deal. What matters the most is how someone handles it and how they learn from it and use it to their advantage. They keep it in the back of their brain and they use it for next time. Learn more:


That has been the case throughout the entirety of Bob Reina’s life. He is filled with life lessons, both positive and negative, just like you or I. That is what makes him relatable to the public. That is why Talk Fusion is as popular as it is today. When people see it, experience it, and try it out for themselves, they are truly in awe of what the product does and how it operates. They are supremely happy with its video technology especially the video emails. Oddly enough, video emails are what inspired Bob Reina in the first place to start Talk Fusion.


Once Talk Fusion really took off and started to make serious money, Bob Reina knew he wanted to do something positive with it and something that was going to make a tremendous impact on the planet. When Bob Reina sets his mind, body, and spirit to something, he will not be denied under any condition. He is not a forceful or aggressive person, let’s make that clear. He is simply passionate, and that is one of the greatest traits that someone can have in their lives. Passion is what keeps people going. Without passion, life is just a series of events throughout the day. Learn more:


Bob Reina believes in the power of passion and the power of Talk Fusion. When he sees a passionate person, he wants to help them get started and see their business blossom to the greatest of heights. Learn more:


Eric Pulier Is Returning With More App Developments

Once named a Top 30 eVisionary by CRN Magazine’s VAR Business outlet, Eric Pulier has become one of the most innovative IT engineers in the world. He was highlighted on national television during the second inauguration of former President Bill Clinton and shown at the Presidential Technology Exhibition in the display of “Bridge to the 21st Century.” He spent many years in the interactive media and cloud computing world, but now he’s working on something brand new at his new seed company vAtomic Systems. This company is looking to bring disruptive apps into the marketplace that feature gaming system technology in their features. Pulier saw how Uber changed the cab driving industry forever and decided he could do a lot more to spur on these kinds of apps.


The first time Pulier entered onto the technology scene was in 4th grade at a Teaneck, NJ school where he learned how to program computers and start writing codes. In high school he started a database system and was already becoming entrepreneurial-minded about what he could do with it. His aptitude earned him a scholarship to Harvard where he studied American Literature, but also took advanced computer science courses at MIT at the same time. He was also an author at the famous Harvard Crimson. See:


After graduating both Harvard and MIT, Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles where he met a lot of enthusiasts for technology that wanted to bring it into healthcare and education, and the group was known as People Doing Things. From this group, he and several other software engineers formed Digital Evolution, a company that started bringing various media formats to different companies across the corporate spectrum. In 1998 this company was merged with US Interactive LLC, and Pulier became the Chairman.


Pulier’s biggest developments were in service-oriented architecture (SOA) and they included virtual machines such as Desktone and cloud computing in ServiceMesh. Pulier wrote a college textbook about this known as Understanding Enterprise SOA. His non-profit activities have included serving on the engineering team at Starbright World, joining the Board of Innovation at XPrize, and currently serving on the Board of Directors at the Painted Turtle.