Securus Technologies Instrumental in Crime Prevention in Prison

When I first started my job working as a corrections officer in Georgia’s most violent prison, I knew that my fellow officers would have to watch my back or I would be in trouble. These inmates have all the time in the world on their hands, and they are gaming the system at any chance they can get. Part of taking advantages of weakness are putting me and my fellow officers in harm’s way. Over the years however, thanks to a number of changes in technology, we have finally made our prison one of the most secure in the country.


One of the decisions that this prison made that was key to the positive changes was when we called Securus Technologies to help lock down this jail. Up until then, officers were required to sit in a small call center and listen to the inmates talking on the jail phones and trying desperately to see if they were discussing anything that could put us at risk. Those days are over, because the Securus Technologies call monitoring system uses LBS software to scan the calls more accurately and allow officers to be out on the floor instead of trapped in a call center.


This same monitoring system has been used successfully in thousands of different type jails around the country. Instead of me and my officers having to try and anticipate trouble or take action after the fact, now the alerts are giving us an opportunity to finally get ahead of potential issues and keep things safer for officers, inmates, guests, and any staff in the jail. If inmates are trying to talk about violence, gangs, drugs, and contraband, while on the jail phone, we are going to hear what they say and be able to take quick action to deal with it.


Stevie Awards Crowns Securus Technologies in Best Customer Service Training

Securus Technologies is a successful firm in offering criminal and civil justice technology solutions. They offer in areas of investigation, monitoring, public safety, and corrections. The firm has been able to scoop an award in the recently completed Gold Stevie® Award. It has won in the category of Best Customer Service Training Department.


Stevie Awards


The Stevie Awards for Customer Service and Sales are the top global honors for contact center, business development, sales professionals and customer service. It is involved in organizing some of the world’s prestigious business awards programs


Criteria for Awarding the Gold Stevie® Award


The awards comprised of more than 2300 nominations from organizations globally and evaluated in this year’s competitions, which led to an increase of 10% over 2016. A panel of 77 professionals worldwide acted as independent judges. Entries were considered in 61 categories for contact center achievements and customer service which comprised of Award for Innovation in Customer Service, Consulting Practice of the Year and the Contact Center of the year. They also had not less than 53 categories for business and sales development achievements varying from Business Development Achievement of the Year to Senior Sales Executive of the Year and categories to recognize new solution and services providers and new products.


How Securus Technologies Made It


Securus has made significant steps in customer service which makes it great to be recognized by experts. To improve the customer’s experience, there is the urge to feel their situation and solving their issues on the first call. Securus Technologies focused on coming up with methods and materials that would assist agents focus and empathize with customer’s needs. This has brought Net Promoter, First Call Resolution and best customer satisfaction in the company’s history.” Danny de Hoyos, the successful Senior Vice President of Operations at Securus sited.