A Sneak Peek into Twenty Three Layers and Their Meteoric Rise in Event Planning

Planning a party should not be a stressful process, contrary to what most people think. By adhering to simple tips, you can rest assured that your next event will be a resounding success. Before sending out several invitations, strive to make your party as interesting as possible. On the contrary, incorporate creativity to appeal to your specific target audience. To break down the complete guidelines into doable ideas, corporate event planners in NYC highly encourage clients to comply with the following essential guidelines:


  • One month before the party: During this stage, event planning companies in NYC will unilaterally advise you to set the date, time and venue for the party. Deciding on the theme is also a major consideration to factor in. While planning, determine the overall budget and estimate the cost of each element to ensure its relevancy and availability. Make sure to add a creative touch to your party by incorporating entertainment, sumptuous food and beautiful décor.


  • Three weeks before: During this stage, mail or email invitations to your target guests to confirm their availability on the D-day. Preparation wise, rent extra chairs from a local company and order interior decoration accessories such as flowers. Since meals will be a major highlight, make sure you have the necessary serving utensils. You could buy or rent to supplement any deficiency.


  • A few days before: At such a time, follow up with guests who haven’t yet R.S.V.P.’d. Stock up on wine and other beverages. Buy groceries and additional items as well as washing glassware, silverware and serving pieces.


  • The day before: Prepare and chop fruits and vegetables, wash salad greens and refrigerate. Prepare any salad dressings that can be refrigerated.


  • Morning of: On the auspicious day, set the table and chill beverages. Empty the trash and ensure hygiene in all bathrooms.


Profile of Twenty Three Layers


Twenty Three Layers is a full-service event planning and design entity based in NYC. The company strictly adopts a creative and vibrant outlook to personalize the individual needs of its clients. The company’s stellar reputation has made it the most sought event planning company in New York and beyond.