Fabletics Show the Strength of Female Leader in Male Dominated Arena

Fabletics is becoming the main source for all of the ladies that are interested in building a better wardrobe for their workout gear. Fabletics has certainly become one of the most interesting companies for people that are trying to improve their workout gear because it is headed by a woman, and the clothing is exclusively for women. This is an awesome thing for aspiring female entrepreneurs to see. It is proof positive that women have the ability to make their own mark in the business world. Kate Hudson knows that she is up against some very big competition as she competes with Jeff Bezos of Amazon along with other entertainers that are promoting athletic clothing lines as well.


Beyonce, for example, has an endorsement for her clothing line called Ivy Park. She realizes that a lot of people are interested in entertainers that are promoting clothing lines, but Kate Hudson has taken things several steps farther. She is leading in sales because she actually has a brand she helped start. This is not a brand that is being endorsed and sold in a department store. Kate Hudson has her own mind and she definitely knows what she plans to do with this brand that is sweeping America as one of the hottest athletic clothing brands around for the female consumer.


There are a ton of people that are witnessing the power of women that are taking charge. The clothing industry for atlethics is a business that generates billions. This industry has been largely dominated by men for most of the evolution of athletic clothing. Kate Hudson is someone that has finally come into the industry to represent what females actually want to see for the clothes that they are buying. She has a voice as the co-founder of Fabletics, and she is showing many people that there is a chance for women to work in leadership roles for clothing companies. She is building Fabletics in a away where she is able to compete with other online sites as well as an offline community of stores.


She is showing that she has a lot to offer to the athletic community when it comes to comfortable clothing, and she is putting forth a lot of effort to make people aware of how she is changing the athletic clothing world. Fabletics is offering a higher level of comfort and style then her competitors.

Naomi Campbell Keeps Up With the Trends

Since Naomi Campbell has been on the fashion scene, she has always kept up with all of the trends. This is something that set her apart from some of the other people who are in the fashion industry and it has given her a chance to make sure that she is doing things the right way.

When Naomi Campbell was at her most popular in the modeling world, she never took a break from being fashionable. She worked hard to make sure that she was wearing fashionable clothing at all time and this was something that truly set her apart from the other models. She wanted to make sure that she never showed her true colors and never looked sloppy when she went places. This truly solidified her place as a great model and gave her the chance to make sure that she was always looking the part of her job.

Even now, Naomi Campbell continues to keep up with the trends that are popular. Whether that means getting a fresh new look everyday or restyling old looks, Naomi has been able to do a lot with the trends that are a part of the fashion industry. She has been careful to always make sure that she is doing things the right way and that she follows the trends. This has allowed her to stay extremely relevant in the fashion industry when other models were not given that chance because they did not keep up with the trends that were popular.

Looking forward, Naomi Campbell is planning to do more with the fashion industry. She currently does a lot for the fashion industry even though she does not model as much as what she did in the past. She wants to make sure that she is doing things the best way for her business. With the trends that she keeps up with, she has made sure that she has designed her own clothes perfectly. This has allowed her the chance to do things differently and to make her fashion line one of the most popular in the industry that she is in.