Highland Capital Gets Results

Highland Capital is a global alternative credit provider based in Dallas, Texas. The CEO of the company James Dondero, has propelled the company to great success in the last few years. The company has now branched out internationally and has offices in Sao Paolo, Seul, New York, and Singapore. They provide services to high net worth individuals, large companies, public pension plans, endowments, foundations, and financial institutions. They specialize in forward-thinking credit strategies that get results and allow for growth. Some of the alternative investment strategies that Highland Capital uses include natural resources, long and short equities, and emerging markets. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

Most recently, Highland Capital has worked with investors in South Korea to help establish a healthcare fund that was never available before. This project gives companies an excellent opportunity to invest in a large fund that is promising to be successful. Highland Capital continues to make strides toward excellence in investing and alternative strategies all over the world to help create profitability and options for their clients.

Visit: http://www.investopedia.com/articles/investing/031216/highland-capital-management-investment-manager-highlight.asp

Highland Capital works together with a team to help every member of the company to stay informed and able to work to the best of their ability to get customers the results they expect. Upper management and investment specialists work side by side to help come up with the best solutions and helpful information to allow companies to be successful and help customers grow their investments. They go the extra mile to ensure that clients have a variety of avenues in which to invest. Highland Capital is a fast growing investment company that has excelled because of their commitment to providing services second to none. Read more at bloomberg.com.


The Midas Legacy Taking Wealth Management Services to the Next Level

The Midas Legacy is an established wealth management and investment advisory firm that has been assisting individuals to make the right decisions regarding their finances. The company offers more than just investment and retirement advisory services as they have also broken into philanthropy. Additionally, clients also get useful tips for managing their health.

Among people The Midas Legacy is looking to work with include entrepreneurs, those who are looking for natural healing methods and those who are looking forward to comfortable retirement. The Midas Legacy offers solutions that impact different areas of their lives namely real estate, natural health and finance. The Code Book provided by the company comes with useful tips by different authors, entrepreneurs and investors who have mastered what it takes to manage finances and a business.

Retirement advisory services
Sean Bower, a renowned publisher of business journals and investor, talks about retirement savings and the potential losses one may incur in the process. Most of his articles and contribution in The Midas Legacy has been directed at discussing the impact of interest rates in insurance firms. His work has been featured on Wall Street Informer and major journals.

At The Midas Legacy, he is responsible for the release of in-depth articles and he contributes on a column titled Unlock Your Secrets, which is available on The Midas Legacy’s website. He cautions entrepreneurs to go for alternatives to shield themselves from retirement losses, like it was witnessed in 2008.

Clearing the way for investors
Due to its plethora of investors, The Midas Legacy has experienced growth in all areas. Most of its investors are tasked with financial planning and offering tips for healthy living. The company’s main focus is on wealth management, as there are many people interested with the specialty. The Midas Legacy identifies the different strengths present in people and offers support based on what one is able to achieve. There is a lot of potential among people that goes unexplored and this is what The Midas Legacy is up to work on.

The Midas Legacy regularly contributes donations to different charities. It has held the Gold membership position at the Florida Sheriffs Association for many years. The Gold membership status implies the company has been offering massive donations that have impacted the association positively. The Midas Legacy also offers donations to the Give Hope Foundation, a not-for-profit charity that supports families battling cancer in Central Florida.

Cone Marshall Establishing A Foreign Trust

Over the last few years, New Zealand has become one of the most desirable country’s in the world to establish a trust. There are many sound reasons why this is happening but if you’re seeking a tax haven New Zealand is not where you want to start a trust.

Since 1980 Geoffrey Cone has provided trust and tax planning information for international clients by providing trustee and management services. The company is based in Auckland, New Zealand and was founded in 1999 by principle partner Geoffrey Cone.

In 2005 Karen Marshall joined the firm. In 2006 Karen Marshall became a principal and the name was changed to Cone Marshall. Karen brings 10 years experience in commercial litigation to the firm having worked in London for a law office located there. Along with her experience in commercial litigation, she has served as an advisor to many trusts as she has vast knowledge and experience in managing trusts.

Companies or individuals who need advice and assistance before going into business in New Zealand, establishing a New Zealand trust or creating a partnership would benefit from a business relationship with Cone Marshall. While providing services to banks, lawyers, family advisors, trustees or other institutions located outside New Zealand, they will not work directly with a private individual. The outcome of your particular situation will be better served when you have professionals working on both ends of the issue.

In a 2012 piece posted on many social media websites such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter Geoffrey Cone took the opportunity to debunk the assertion that New Zealand had become a tax haven that condones a secretive banking industry. As he explained, New Zealand is internationally recognized as a safe, stable country that has good laws that are well regulated by the judiciary and a substantial legal and professional infrastructure. He feels keeping people’s assets safe is important to the reputation of New Zealand.

Mr. Cone further explains why New Zealand is not and never will be a tax haven. In order to be considered a tax haven a country must impose no or only nominal taxes, has little or no financial transparency, and laws that impede the exchange of information between governments. Having none of the requirements of a tax haven will keep New Zealand from becoming a tax haven.

Cone Marshall can help you with New Zealand tax laws, assist you in setting up a trust, offering structuring advice and providing you with administrative services.