Why Sapphire Rings Are Increasing In Popularity

There are a few key factors that explain why the sapphire gemstone is now becoming fast one of the most popular gemstones for a ring, including for an engagement ring. It rapid growth in popularity is now rivaling that of a diamond, although the diamond is still by far the most popular form on engagement ring. The main reason why the sapphire engagement ring is now more popular than ever has to due with royal nuptials in England.

Prince Harry of England who is set to become King of England gave his wife, Kate Middleton a sapphire engagement ring. You can be sure that it was a very expensive and fine sapphire ring. The media and press picked up the story and reported heavily that Kate got a sapphire engagement ring instead of a traditional diamond one. With the elites and royalty often paving the way for trends and fashion, the sapphire engagement ring instantly became more popular thanks to the royal engagement that was tied with a sapphire ring.

Looking back, princess Diana also made headlines when she first wore a sapphire ring more than 30 years prior to today. When the press spotted the sapphire ring and reported on it, people began to copy the princess’ style and began wearing sapphire rings as well. People look to royalty and celebrities for trends. When they begin wearing and using sapphire rings, then the regular people follow suit. This is the primary reason why sapphire rings are now all the rage and are second in popularity after the diamond ring.

The second factor has to due with the sapphire’s composition and natural appeal. It is the second hardest gemstone with a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale compared to a diamond which has a hardness of 10. Sapphires are also naturally bright and colorful. They come in many colors and shapes and can blend well with casual and special event attire.

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