FreedomPop : Not your Regular Dial Up Internet Provider


Remember when you had to dial up just to connect to the internet? That was stressful, right? Many people wished that they would surf the internet without having to pay a dime. This dream has come true, courtesy of Freedom Pop. But I know that many people still find it too good to be true. If you would like to subscribe for their free internet, but aren’t sure whether this is a scam, here is a FreedomPop review to guide help you make a decision.


FreedomPop Info

FreedomPop is a Los Angeles, California based wireless internet and phone services provider. The company was established four years ago by two partners, Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar. This year, the company launched it free sim and wireless internet data in about 25 countries.


How it Works

There are three FreedomPop plans for getting wireless internet data including basic, pro and premium. The basic account awards you 500MB every month, free of charge. With these 500MB, you can send texts and browse the internet. You also get 200 voice minutes.


The Pro account is one of the options to stay subscribed for the FreedomPop wireless internet even after the one free-month trial period is over. For a pro account, you pay $3.99, every month, to get 500MB data. Upon the exhaustion of this data, you have to pay $0.02 for every additional MB.


The other option to stay subscribed is the premium account. This gets you 1GB data, every month, for $19.99. If you exhaust this data, you pay $0.05 for every extra MB.



There are no contracts with FreedomPop. Subscribers can sign and cancel services, whenever they like, without a penalty. With no commitments asked of subscribers, the FreedomPop services are really flexible and convenient.


Earning Extra Data

Once you have used up 400MB of your 500MB free data, FreedomPop will alert you. At this point, you can either choose to set your account such that it is not billed, upon exhaustion of your data. However, if you would like to continue enjoying their wireless internet, you can choose to get billed at $0.02 for every extra MB used.


However, if you do not want to use any money, you can earn data in two ways. First, take surveys, make downloads or complete offers in order to get free data. Also, you can invite friends to sign up with FreedomPop, through their FreedomPop Friends program. For any friend who signs up and stays loyal, you will get an additional 10MB every month.