Securus Technologies Instrumental in Crime Prevention in Prison

When I first started my job working as a corrections officer in Georgia’s most violent prison, I knew that my fellow officers would have to watch my back or I would be in trouble. These inmates have all the time in the world on their hands, and they are gaming the system at any chance they can get. Part of taking advantages of weakness are putting me and my fellow officers in harm’s way. Over the years however, thanks to a number of changes in technology, we have finally made our prison one of the most secure in the country.


One of the decisions that this prison made that was key to the positive changes was when we called Securus Technologies to help lock down this jail. Up until then, officers were required to sit in a small call center and listen to the inmates talking on the jail phones and trying desperately to see if they were discussing anything that could put us at risk. Those days are over, because the Securus Technologies call monitoring system uses LBS software to scan the calls more accurately and allow officers to be out on the floor instead of trapped in a call center.


This same monitoring system has been used successfully in thousands of different type jails around the country. Instead of me and my officers having to try and anticipate trouble or take action after the fact, now the alerts are giving us an opportunity to finally get ahead of potential issues and keep things safer for officers, inmates, guests, and any staff in the jail. If inmates are trying to talk about violence, gangs, drugs, and contraband, while on the jail phone, we are going to hear what they say and be able to take quick action to deal with it.


Safety of inmates and general public has been enhanced through Securus Technologies

In 1986, the profit making company, Securus Technologies, was founded. This company focuses on providing technology to prisons which include telephones, tracking of parolees and managing of information for the government. The company headquarters are in Dallas, Texas but it has coverage in Allen, Atlanta, Georgia, Calton, and Texas. Its employee base is over 1000 employees. Securus Technologies serves above 2500 correction facilities in Canada and the United States of America.

This company has made several acquisitions over the years including the acquisition of Primonics, Archonix Systems, DirectHit Systems and Satellite Tracking of People in 2012 and 2013. In 2014, it acquired Telerus and JLG Technologies. All these acquisitions benefited the company through advanced technologies to provide better services to their clients. Through the benefits achieved through this, they were motivated to acquire Jpay, Guarded Exchange and CellBlox in 2015. By mid-2016, they had spent over 600 million dollars in the acquisitions, copyrights, and technology. Securus Technologies is the leading provider of telephone services for prisons. Over a million inmates use the company’s services to reach their family and friends. The company provides innovative solutions and has focus when it comes to providing reliable and efficient customer service. They cater for the exceptional needs of the correctional facilities through investigations, analysis and management of information, monitoring and managing incidences.

Securus Technologies is helping in decreasing the number of crimes in and out of prisons. From the customer reviews they have received, they have been able to arrest corrupt members that are part of the staff, inmates’ behaviors have been monitored, public safety has been increased, arrests of suspects related to crimes and the recovery of stolen property. All the mentioned incidences have been part of increasing the safety of inmates and the public as a whole. Securus Technologies has advanced experience in their work and together with the advanced technology they use, they are a trusted service provider enhancing safety in the communities.


Get Superior Calling Features With A Secure Network

How important is it for you to stay connected to the ones that you love in a correctional facility? Most people will admit that a poor connection and the expensive rates have caused them to be unable to communicate with their loves ones, but Securus Technologies aims to help their customers talk more and spend far less. They also strive to make their features customer friendly and features services that they can really use. Thousands of customers trust the Securus Technologies name for being a reliable network with many innovative features that aren’t available with their competitor network.


Their customers were able to stop a security threat by having integrated surveillance and monitoring features that allowed them to stop the threat of a corrupt staff member. This also prevents other illegal activities that can threaten the safety of the general public including money laundering. They have a wide platform that is centered around customer feedback and allows customers to leave reviews and more. Securus recently won a prestigious Gold Stevie award for a high level of customer service. The Gold Stevie award is one of the highest customer service awards in the industry for having a high level of customer service excellence in inmate calling features.


Securus Technologies Features


Video Visitation


Video visitation features have become very popular among inmates and their families. Customers have the option of talking to the ones they love over the internet that includes a high definition video and optimum sound.


Advanced Pay Features


Pay for advanced calling features that include a one of a kind opportunity to have minutes the moment your loved one in a correctional facility calls you. If you’re 18 years of age or older, all you need is a valid credit or check card.


Become a part of the popular Securus Technologies inmate communications network by visiting their website today.



Stevie Awards Crowns Securus Technologies in Best Customer Service Training

Securus Technologies is a successful firm in offering criminal and civil justice technology solutions. They offer in areas of investigation, monitoring, public safety, and corrections. The firm has been able to scoop an award in the recently completed Gold Stevie® Award. It has won in the category of Best Customer Service Training Department.


Stevie Awards


The Stevie Awards for Customer Service and Sales are the top global honors for contact center, business development, sales professionals and customer service. It is involved in organizing some of the world’s prestigious business awards programs


Criteria for Awarding the Gold Stevie® Award


The awards comprised of more than 2300 nominations from organizations globally and evaluated in this year’s competitions, which led to an increase of 10% over 2016. A panel of 77 professionals worldwide acted as independent judges. Entries were considered in 61 categories for contact center achievements and customer service which comprised of Award for Innovation in Customer Service, Consulting Practice of the Year and the Contact Center of the year. They also had not less than 53 categories for business and sales development achievements varying from Business Development Achievement of the Year to Senior Sales Executive of the Year and categories to recognize new solution and services providers and new products.


How Securus Technologies Made It


Securus has made significant steps in customer service which makes it great to be recognized by experts. To improve the customer’s experience, there is the urge to feel their situation and solving their issues on the first call. Securus Technologies focused on coming up with methods and materials that would assist agents focus and empathize with customer’s needs. This has brought Net Promoter, First Call Resolution and best customer satisfaction in the company’s history.” Danny de Hoyos, the successful Senior Vice President of Operations at Securus sited.


How Do I Use Securus To Check In With Parents

I am a social worker who has to check in with parents often to help them get in touch with their kids, and they are very thankful that I have Securus on my side. There are a lot of people who are out there hoping that they can check in with their kids, and they are all working with me through Securus. The idea behind Securus that they are much more secure than any other company. They have the video calling feature that lets me put the kids on the tablet so they can talk to their parents about what is going on.


The first thing that these parents realize is that they can really get a sense of how their kids are doing, and they can speak to their kids about things that matter most to them. These can be very good conversations, and sometimes we even do them over homework. No one can listen in, and these are very private moments that I want the parents to have with their kids. This is the only way to help these parents until they get out of jail, and it helps the kids have a relationship with their parents in the meantime.


The best thing that happened to these kids was the fact that they could talk to their parents on Securus. I have set up a lot of these calls in the past, and I think I will keep doing it because it works so well. There are just too many things that these parents are missing out on, and I want them to be able to have something to hold on to. It is very easy to do these calls, and we can get in touch with any kind of parent in any jail when we use Securus.


Securus Technologies Volunteers to Offers Free Calls Inmates in the Louisiana State Prison that was affected by Floods.

Securus Technologies is one of the top companies that provide communication solutions to the civil and criminal justice sector of the United States. The main office of the firm is based Dallas, Texas, and it is dedicated to offering services to the about 1.2 million prisoners who are convicted in 3450 correctional facilities in North America. The services of Securus Technologies include control of incidences, emergency response, reporting to the public, biometric analysis, communication, examination of products and services, management of information, and self-service for inmates. The company’s mission is to make the sure that there is security in the world and to connect the families with their loved ones in prison.


The firm recently declared that it will be offering an opportunity to each inmate at the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (LA DOC) to make one free call per day. The free communication service will start on September 7th. This service is meant to help the inmates to keep in touch with their families after the flood that happened in the past days. According to the chief executive officer of the Securus Technologies, connecting the prisoners with their families is an essential action that the company is committed to doing especially after the recent flood tragedy in Louisiana. Communication helps in mitigating the stress and anxiety among the inmates and their family and friends at home.


Securus Technologies’ offer of free calls is valued at $300,000. The company has also volunteered to give a monetary contribution of $50,000 the Louisiana Department of Corrections’ inmate wellbeing fund, as a way of offering more assistance to the prisoners who are incinerated there. Securus Technologies will enable the free calls feature for the whole day with the help of the Department of Corrections. The company has estimated that approximately 250,000 calls will be made in the correctional facilities for the coming seven days.