JHSF the Daring Investor


JHSF was founded in 1972 and has risen to be one of the market leaders in Real Estate. The firm mainly operates in the high-income end in Brazil. Its operations mainly entail commercial and residential markets acquisition, management, and development. The most common developments within JHSF include shopping centers, international executive airports, and hotels. Moreover, JHSF company shares have been traded on FBovespa and Norvo Mercado of BM since 2007.

Core Qualities

JHSF identifies new opportunities in the Brazilian high-end market. Ability to respond strategically makes it attract many customers while reaping high profits. JHSF is also daring, as it takes on risks that many businesses would choose to abstain from. The company management believes that it is only in risks that one can make uncommon profits. The daring aspect makes the company a pioneer in most of its projects, and this works as a strategy to engage the niche market. JHSF also provides sustainable solutions and social responsibility in their projects.

Locations and Entities

JHSF operations are mainly consolidated in Manaus, Salvador, Sao Paulo, and other such capitals. It operates four kinds of business units: corporations, hotels, restaurants, malls, and executive airports.

Past Activities

The Integrated Urban Development Catarina is part of JHSF’s project whose first phase was marked by the construction of Catarina Fashion Outlet and Catarina Executive Airport. The company also developed high-class hotels in the recurring income area of Brazil.

JHSF owns The Vitra building that was designed by Daniel Libeskinf. The North American Architects rank the building as one of the three best buildings in the world. The Vitra Project by JHSF also completed 34 more projects, which gained 11% online votes. A news anchor stated that the excellence of the projects is not only visible but also tangible.

As JHSF develops its projects, it adopts the best practices for sustainability. One of the company project CidadeJardim Corporate Center is a pioneer and sustainable project that holds the AQUA Certificate. The above certificate is awarded for projects that have high environmental quality. JHSF also takes social responsibility of the communities that surround its major projects. Moreover, the company sponsors projects in education and health related areas.