WEN lather is not needed

Chaz Dean is known world-wide for his expertise in hair care. So it is not surprising that he has created a product that surpasses everything that he has done previously. He noticed that most shampoos and conditioners contained harsh chemicals that were bad for one’s hair and scalp. He wanted to change that, so he developed a no- lather shampoo that conditions hair called WEN.

WEN leaves hair feeling cleaner and more hydrated. Most shampoos on the market are stripping hair of vital and necessary oils that are needed for color, strength, and shine. Hair is breaking and shedding. This is caused by the harsh effects from the Sodium Lauryl Sulfate lathering. The lathering itself is not a friend to the hair programming led us to believe.

The old lather-rinse-repeat mantra is becoming a thing of the past. WEN was created to prove this misconception to be an urban myth. WEN is for all hair types and both men and women. Hair is left shiny, full-bodied, soft, and clean. It does not frizz in the heat and humidity, and it does not come out smelling like chlorine when coming out of a swimming pool. This was one thing that many customers found amazing was their hair still smelled like the scent of their WEN scented conditioner or no lather shampoo that they were currently using.Just one product is all that is needed and it is WEN. Plus there are so many scents to choose.