Wine Tasting Made So Easy!

Wine tasting has come far since way back when. You can still travel to taste your favorite liquors, but instead of tagging along a designated driver or calling a cab afterward, The Traveling Vineyard has had made it possible to host your very own wine tasting in the comfort of your home.

It all started in 2001, when Rick Libby thought up a try before you buy method with wine. It was then brainstormed that others could make a business out of it with no delivery fee. One of the many glorious benefits of being a wine entrepreneur through Traveling Vineyard is a very flexible schedule. Since it is a work-from-home employment, a parent can work as little or as much as they need to, setting up tasting conventions from their home while their little one is at soccer practice.

Secondly, a little extra cash does not harm at all. A Wine Guide, as their official website refers to them as, sets their own schedule as referred before. So ones income depends completely on them.

Furthermore, you can find out for yourself how amazing Traveling Vineyard is by their official Facebook page. There, they offer candid photos of the wine parties where the hosts throw in their abodes. There’s also a select few reviews from the hosts themselves they offer for all those interested to read. Also, as you can find on their Instagram they supply photos of new wine they get shipped in, as well as re-gramming their fans’ lovely experiences.

So as you can tell, Traveling Vineyard is a ‘traveling’ business, growing more and more as time continues on. It includes free wine delivery, parties at your convenience, convenience to work from home, and meet with Wine Guides to help you start your business. Simplicity at its finest.