Doe Deere: The Creator of a Makeup Revolution

Doe Deere is anything but ordinary. The creator of the makeup brand, Lime Crime, has successfully created a makeup brand that allows makeup lovers all over to express themselves with any color under the sun in eyeshadows, lipsticks and nail polishes available. Deere started her brand in 2004 on eBay. Doing everything from creating the products to modeling them, Doe Deere quickly created a colorful and unforgettable staple in the makeup world.

Four short years later, Doe Deere launched Lime Crime. Unlike many other founders and CEO’S, Deere is apart of almost every aspect of her company. From the labs creating products to meetings and creating visuals; Deere is apart of it all and makes sure everyone at her company is on the same page and onboard for developing the same products. Deere also plays a huge role in creating the product. Once a new product comes to mind Deere is the first to test it and make sure that it is a product she feels lives up to the Lime Crime brand and will please her consumers.

Along with the creation of trend setting products, Deere explained in a recent interview that online aspect of Lime Crime an exciting and innovative aspect of their brand. Even though Deere was criticized for selling makeup online, it’s clear that the approach to helping women find makeup that suits them virtually has worked. After all, Lime Crime was the brand to begin the “on-lip” makeup swatches which is now utilized by majority of makeup brands today.

Not only is Deere a strong and successful businesswomen, she has also served as a mentor to other female entrepreneurs. Deere has spoken at several events including PhamEXPO and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and has offered several pieces of advice to her followers on Instagram. She also has a soft spot for animals. Having donated in the past to Bide-A-Wee, an animal rescue organization as well as creating a brand that is certified vegan and cruelty free by PETA and Leaping Bunny.

Deere’s success in the makeup world is impressive, but the person that she has come and the beliefs she has created within her brand are outstanding. She has managed to create a brand that stays true to her love for color and has revolutionized the makeup industry. There is no doubt about it, Lime Crime’s success can only go up from here.

Susan McGalla Is At The Top Of Her Game

Women who are thinking of entering the field of business may face certain challenges. It is not always easy to be a woman in what still remains very much a man’s field. This is a fact that Susan McGalla, a successful business woman, has faced over and over again. Yet she has not let it daunt her. She still retains her own sense of optimism as she confronts many varied work obstacles each day. She knows that it is important to be there for her clients and that she can offer them the kind of insights that will help their business grow and reach out to customers of all backgrounds.

Making Herself Known

She and her female colleagues strive to help break down the barriers that they know they face every single day. In this way, she and her other female businesswomen have helped forge an entirely new way for all those who women who also want to think a career in the field of business management on She knows that she can show them how it is done.

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Susan P. McGalla | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Speaking Out

McGalla chooses to speak out about her experiences in a recent press release. In this release, she talks candidly about her life and her work. She realizes very much that she needs to continue to adhere to a strong sense of excellence. In this way, Susan McGalla is able to offer the kind of help that people need from her to show that she can be there for them as a leader. Her work in recent years has been all about this highly important quality. She looks to show that excellence is possible in the field for anyone who aspires to do so.

Her New Career

Having worked for many companies in the past, McGalla has chosen to start her very own consulting business. She knows that she can offer many years of experience in the field, especially in the field of retail marketing and merchandising. Her many skills in this field have been repeatedly demonstrated again and again over the course of her working life since her graduation from college. She hopes that her latest venture in the consulting field can be of use in providing her retailing talents to her clients. Source:

Helane Morrison: Defining the Practice of Corporate Compliance

There’s popular saying that opines life begins at 40. This statement has been validated by the life of compliance Guru Helane Morrison. At 46 years old, Helane has become the face of the young industry not only in San Francisco but also the entire United States corporate sector.
Helane is credited with being one of the pioneers of the practice. She broke away from her professional training in law and journalism to take up compliance roles. Today, she’s a role model for the upcoming generation of compliance officers. It should also go on record that Helane Morrison
dedicates most of her youth to acquiring knowledge and skills. This
period of learning served as the foundation of her career and
complimented her personality.

She later moved to California and enrolled at the University of California for a Law Degree. She is an alma matter of the Berkeley School of Law. Even as a student, she exhibited the maturity of a seasoned professional. At one time, she
became the chief editor in charge of the California Law Review

As a compliance officer, she is mandated to bring sanity in the investment banking sector and financial markets. She made a name for herself while
heading the San Francisco office of the Securities and Exchange
Commission. Helane’s tenure marked an era of conformity and
discipline among stock traders in the city. She started out as an
administrator before her seniors realized her skills and dedication
and promoted her to the rank of regional director.

For the past decade, Ms. Morrison has been in private practice with Hall Capital Partners in San Francisco. This is a reputable hedge fund that manages the assets of many families in the area. Here, Helane has a huge
influence in the daily running and administration of the growing
firm. She serves in three different capacities; first as a Managing
Director, second as the company’s chief attorney and most
importantly as it’s compliance officer. She argues that her
compliance role at the boardroom level allows her to ensure all
decisions made comply with local and national statutes. The position
also allows her to supervise and evaluate the conduct of employees
regarding organizational goals.

All these career achievements and attitude to work and life makes Helane the ultimate role model for the youth.