The Importance of Finding Balance

Balance is very important to life. This is especially true for business. However, it can be very tricky to find balance for some people. There are people who live extremely busy lives. Then there are people who are just magnets for those who have nothing better to do than to try to drag them into something. Either way, their lives are more susceptible to being off balance. As a result, any success they could’ve had is hindered or even thwarted. Fortunately, there are ways to achieve balance in one’s life. It is important for one to find that way so that he can live a more successful life.

One of the first steps to finding balance is to understand what it really is and isn’t. For one thing, balance is not spending every bit of the same amount of time on everything. There are some aspects of life that don’t need as much time and attention. Therefore, it is important to look at balancing in a different light. One of the major important parts of balancing is prioritizing. This means figuring out what is the most important and vital to one’s way of life. The majority of time should be spent on making sure that is taken care of.

One person that is very good at balancing his life is Josh Verne. Josh Verne understands that balance is key to making progress. The more people one has in his life, the more important it is for this person to find balance. For instance, he may have loved ones in his life. However, if his loved ones depend on him, then they are going to suffer if he is not that successful in his business. He has to make money so that he could support his loved ones. Fortunately, Josh Verne takes a lot of joy in finding that balance.

When one finds the balance, then he will find that it is actually a lot easier for him to make money and make progress in many aspects of his life. As he points out in his Knowledge of Men podcast, Josh Verne has made sure that he is able to spend the right amount of time with his family and take care of his business. A man can also teach his family a lot of things about finding the right balance so that his business will take off. It is also important for the business owner to remember the purpose behind what he is doing.

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The best air conditioning services in Las Vegas, California, and Phoenix

Las Vegas-based Goettl Air Conditioning is a company that encourages local occupants to prepare to protect their pets from harm this late spring.

Here are some ways to keep pets safe during the seasons:

1) Keep the paws off the asphalt.

Concrete and any other metal surface can be more sweltering than they look. The American Veterinary Medical Association constantly warns pet owners to keep their pets away from hot surfaces amid the mid year as they can easily burn your pet’s paws. If for whatever reason you can’t hold the back of your hand to walkway for 10 seconds without feeling the intense heat, consider taking strolls later in the evening or at night when the sun goes down and temperatures drop.

2) It’s never a bad idea to use sunscreen.

Pets can burn just like Humans. Any pet with short, light hued coats are more prone to sunburn. To avoid sunburns, apply a pet-safe sunscreen to your pet’s ears and nose at least 30 minutes before adventuring outdoors.

3) Always keep water around when traveling outdoors.

Since pets can’t sweat as much as humans, it’s very hard for them to keep cool amid the late spring. The Humane Society of the United States suggests that all pets have access to fresh, cool water and shady spots amid the mid year. In addition, watch out for any signs of dehydration or sun burn.

5) Think about investing in a small pool.

Dogs will enjoy refreshing pools just as much as the next guy. Doggie pools keep pets cool in the hot temperatures and can also serve as a method of exercise. A pool can be a pets new most loved toy.

6) Protect the car engine.

Humidity, dust, and other foreign materials can be just as harmful to vehicles. Summer heat can crack a radiator causing a leak onto the lawn or driveway. The leaking chemicals, oil, and other materials can be harmful to pets. On the off chance that your auto spills, keep all pets far away from the wreckage.

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded by Gust and Adam Goettl in 1939. Ken Goodrich was interested in the Arizona local organization in 2013 and, in April 2016, Goettl opened a branch office in the place where he grew up of Las Vegas.

The company has between 50-200 active employees. Goettl works on air conditioning units during the warm seasons of spring and summer to prevent overheating or leaking of fluids. The company works closely with customers to insure that they get the best units to match their property style.

Securus Technologies Volunteers to Offers Free Calls Inmates in the Louisiana State Prison that was affected by Floods.

Securus Technologies is one of the top companies that provide communication solutions to the civil and criminal justice sector of the United States. The main office of the firm is based Dallas, Texas, and it is dedicated to offering services to the about 1.2 million prisoners who are convicted in 3450 correctional facilities in North America. The services of Securus Technologies include control of incidences, emergency response, reporting to the public, biometric analysis, communication, examination of products and services, management of information, and self-service for inmates. The company’s mission is to make the sure that there is security in the world and to connect the families with their loved ones in prison.


The firm recently declared that it will be offering an opportunity to each inmate at the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections (LA DOC) to make one free call per day. The free communication service will start on September 7th. This service is meant to help the inmates to keep in touch with their families after the flood that happened in the past days. According to the chief executive officer of the Securus Technologies, connecting the prisoners with their families is an essential action that the company is committed to doing especially after the recent flood tragedy in Louisiana. Communication helps in mitigating the stress and anxiety among the inmates and their family and friends at home.


Securus Technologies’ offer of free calls is valued at $300,000. The company has also volunteered to give a monetary contribution of $50,000 the Louisiana Department of Corrections’ inmate wellbeing fund, as a way of offering more assistance to the prisoners who are incinerated there. Securus Technologies will enable the free calls feature for the whole day with the help of the Department of Corrections. The company has estimated that approximately 250,000 calls will be made in the correctional facilities for the coming seven days.



Nizan Guanaes for Advertising Help

Making sure that you are doing your absolute best for your company in terms of marketing and advertising can be a lot more difficult than you think. This is why so many people are making the decision that they need to hire a professional team who will be able to do their very best in order to get them the marketing assistance they so desperately need. There are many different professionals out there to do the marketing and advertising for you, so it is very important that you look for a professional with whom you can work and who you know you are going to be able to trust.

Nizan Guanaes is one of the top marketing and advertising professionals in the country and has been used by thousands upon thousands of business owners very much like yourself. Nizan Guanaes is the co-founder of the ABC Group, which is one of the top marketing firms in the area. Because of his experience and expertise in this field, you can feel confident when hiring him to do this type of work. This is why so many people are making the decision to hire Nizan Guanaes for themselves and are thrilled with the success that comes with professional marketing and advertising for their very own companies.

Despite the fact that you have probably try to do your own marketing and advertising in the past, it is often a good idea to hire a professional like Nizan Guanaes so that they do the job for you. Not only will this take the guesswork out of marketing and advertising for you, but it will also help you to focus more on your company and doing what people are looking for when it comes to making use of your services that people want to make you so for themselves.

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What is a Mediacre Advantage Plan and What does InnovaCare Health have to do with It?

A Medicare Advantage plan is a health insurance program contracted through the federal government within a division of Medicare. According to recent studies around 33 percent of Americans choose to get their health coverage from Medicare Advantage plans.

A common misconception people insured by Medicare Advantage plans have is that they don’t have original Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans are required by the federal government to provide Part A and Part B Medicare services. The only separation is rules, costs, and regulations that play a role in the way and time you receive care. No matter what Medicare Advantage plan you have emergency and urgently needed care are always covered.

Plans may also offer extra coverage including health and wellness programs. Most have integrated prescription drug coverage or Part D. Medicare Advantage plans receive capitate fee payments by the federal government as a reward for providing these benefits.

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The most popular Medicare Advantage plans include: Health Maintenance Organization, Preferred Provider Organization, and Private Fee For Service. Unlike original Medicare every Medicare Advantage plan must put a cap on out of pocket expenses a recipient has to pay. Each plan has the right to set its own stipulations about the kind of coverage a beneficiary receives. Even the companies that offer these plans have the right to make their own stipulations. For this reason, identical plans offered by different companies may have different rules for coverage.

InnovaCare Health of managed health care services such as Medicaid, Medicare Advantage Plans, and certain physician practice services. InnovaCare Health provides high level healthcare services that are cost effective and sustainable. The company has created innovative network models that are completely functional in advanced technologies we have in our world today. Currently, InnovaCare Health has a membership base of well over a 150,000 individuals. InnovaCare Health is always looking for talented people to be a part of the company. Recently, President and CEO of InnovaCare Health, Richard Shinto, announced the company named three additions to leadership within the corporation. One of the individuals named was accomplished business woman Penelope Kokkinides. She will serve as Chief Administrative Officer.

About Richard Shinto

Rick Shinto has been in the healthcare industry for over 20 years. He held many leadership positions at several hospitals in California before becoming CEO of InnovaCare Health. Shinto is an active member of many health profession committees and also serves as the President of Aveta Inc.


Why Is InnovaCare Health Important For Medicare Users?

Medicare users have to make sure that they have the right insurance to help them get service for their medical care. Medical care is already taken care of in part by the Medicare plans, but Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides wanted to have a system for care that was much easier for people to use than other plans. Medicare users like Penelope Kokkinides often get lost in the system because they do not know what to do or where to go, but now they can use InnovaCare Health to get supplementary care that is needed.

Supplementary care is very simple to use because it will begin working the moment someone purchases a policy. The Medicare user gets a Medicare Advantage plan that will work in a large network, and they can go to specialists and doctors they could not go to before. This also means that all the people who are using the service need to be sure that they have taken care to get the plan that works for them. There are a few to choose from, and everyone will notice that one works better for them than others.

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InnovaCare also wants to make sure that people are getting the right customer care for the products that they want to use, and they can get advice about the sort of products they should purchase. Someone who needs special customer care can get it pretty easily, and they will find out that they can get something that is priced just for their needs. Pricing at InnovaCare Health is a lot better than with other insurance companies, but it brings the customer better care for less money.

The best thing that can be done for the seniors who use Medicare is to get a supplemental plan that works like InnovaCare Health and their Medicare Advantage plans. The seniors who are on these plans get the care they need for their specific conditions, and they are able to go to network locations that were chosen by the people who work at InnovaCare Health. It is a much simpler way to get medical care for someone who is getting on in years.


Weapons Historian and Author Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is an antique weapons collector, author and documentary filmmaker. For many years Zomber has collected various weapons from past historical eras. The weapons he has collected have been guns from the American Civil War and swords from the Japanese samurai era. During the past forty years Michael has studied the weapons he has collected and has therefore gained a considerable amount of knowledge about them. With this knowledge he has shared it with a number of people including mainstream media sources such as the History Channel. By sharing his knowledge of antique arms, Michael has been able to educate and enlighten a number of people about some of the most unique and distinguished weapons in world history.

As well as being a collector of antique arms, Michael Zomber is also an author. Over the course of his career he has written a number of novels and screenplays. These novels and screenplays portray a number of events and battles during the Japanese samurai era. In these stories, readers will get a glimpse of the armed conflicts that occurred during this time as well as just how formidable samurai swords were when used. Therefore they will give people an in depth perspective of this unique time in history as well as provide them with an entertaining source to enjoy.

Along with collecting weapons and writing stories about them, Michael Zomber has also made a documentary film about the samurai era. This film is based on the stories he has written and will give people a visual portrayal of the samurai era. It is also a very educational film as it can give people even more perspective on what the samurai era was like in terms of culture as well as how intense the armed conflicts were.

While Michael Zomber may be a weapons enthusiast he is also very aware of the hazards of armed conflict. Therefore he has participated in a number of charitable causes to help make the world a better place. Over the years he has participated in peace activism that looks to de escalate war, prevent war as well as help those who have been affected by it. Therefore Michael Zomber has made very positive contributions to society through his philanthropic activities a peace activist.

The Role Of Investment Bankers Such As Martin Lustgarten

Investment banks provide advisory services and funding to corporate investors and individuals. Most investment banks, which are also known as boutique financial firms, strictly offer financial services. Investment banks are different from commercial banks because they do not take deposits.
Investment bankers should know how to underwrite and issue securities on behalf of their clients. In addition, investment bankers provide advice to companies intending to merge or acquire a new company. Moreover, outstanding investment bankers are market makers. They also trade in the derivatives market.
Most investment banks have research departments that undertake relevant research concerning investments and securities. In addition, investment banks have risk management functions. Investment bankers working in the risk management department have to carry out market and credit risks in order to advice the bank on how to mitigate some risks and avoid others. Initial public offering are considered the largest sources of income for most investment banks.
In the United States and Europe, many investment banks are public traded corporations. Their shares are listed on the stock exchanges. To this end, the shareholders own these investment banks. These shareholders include wealthy individuals, government agencies, family groupings, institutional investors and individuals.
Individuals intending to have a career as investment bankers or financial analyst must have knowledge on diverse fields, especially in accounting and finance. One should be patient. In addition, an individual should develop observation skills and be armed with research capabilities. Good interpersonal skills help one to maintain cordial relationships with colleagues at work and the clients. One successful investment banker is Martin Lustgarten
About Martin Lustgarten
Martin’s investment banking firm is known as Lustgarten. As a seasoned investment banker, Martin offers investment solutions to his clients. Given his vast experience in investment banking, Martin is passionate about teaching people regarding intricate investing systems. Martin has excellent interpersonal skills, a factor that has endeared him to many clients. He believes that investment banks should uphold customer satisfaction. Martin is active on social media platforms.
When the Venezuelan economy was almost collapsing, Martin and his peers saw the opportunity. The energy crisis in addition to the falling commodity prices caused panic in the country. There was no electricity, no food and banks could not dispense money to the depositors and borrowers. Martin and his team of investment bankers approached different banks in Venezuela and offered to sell them dollars above the normal prices. Martin and his team went on to replicate the same strategies in Singapore and France.

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Susan McGalla Is At The Top Of Her Game

Women who are thinking of entering the field of business may face certain challenges. It is not always easy to be a woman in what still remains very much a man’s field. This is a fact that Susan McGalla, a successful business woman, has faced over and over again. Yet she has not let it daunt her. She still retains her own sense of optimism as she confronts many varied work obstacles each day. She knows that it is important to be there for her clients and that she can offer them the kind of insights that will help their business grow and reach out to customers of all backgrounds.

Making Herself Known

She and her female colleagues strive to help break down the barriers that they know they face every single day. In this way, she and her other female businesswomen have helped forge an entirely new way for all those who women who also want to think a career in the field of business management on She knows that she can show them how it is done.

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Susan P. McGalla | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Speaking Out

McGalla chooses to speak out about her experiences in a recent press release. In this release, she talks candidly about her life and her work. She realizes very much that she needs to continue to adhere to a strong sense of excellence. In this way, Susan McGalla is able to offer the kind of help that people need from her to show that she can be there for them as a leader. Her work in recent years has been all about this highly important quality. She looks to show that excellence is possible in the field for anyone who aspires to do so.

Her New Career

Having worked for many companies in the past, McGalla has chosen to start her very own consulting business. She knows that she can offer many years of experience in the field, especially in the field of retail marketing and merchandising. Her many skills in this field have been repeatedly demonstrated again and again over the course of her working life since her graduation from college. She hopes that her latest venture in the consulting field can be of use in providing her retailing talents to her clients. Source:

Helane Morrison: Defining the Practice of Corporate Compliance

There’s popular saying that opines life begins at 40. This statement has been validated by the life of compliance Guru Helane Morrison. At 46 years old, Helane has become the face of the young industry not only in San Francisco but also the entire United States corporate sector.
Helane is credited with being one of the pioneers of the practice. She broke away from her professional training in law and journalism to take up compliance roles. Today, she’s a role model for the upcoming generation of compliance officers. It should also go on record that Helane Morrison
dedicates most of her youth to acquiring knowledge and skills. This
period of learning served as the foundation of her career and
complimented her personality.

She later moved to California and enrolled at the University of California for a Law Degree. She is an alma matter of the Berkeley School of Law. Even as a student, she exhibited the maturity of a seasoned professional. At one time, she
became the chief editor in charge of the California Law Review

As a compliance officer, she is mandated to bring sanity in the investment banking sector and financial markets. She made a name for herself while
heading the San Francisco office of the Securities and Exchange
Commission. Helane’s tenure marked an era of conformity and
discipline among stock traders in the city. She started out as an
administrator before her seniors realized her skills and dedication
and promoted her to the rank of regional director.

For the past decade, Ms. Morrison has been in private practice with Hall Capital Partners in San Francisco. This is a reputable hedge fund that manages the assets of many families in the area. Here, Helane has a huge
influence in the daily running and administration of the growing
firm. She serves in three different capacities; first as a Managing
Director, second as the company’s chief attorney and most
importantly as it’s compliance officer. She argues that her
compliance role at the boardroom level allows her to ensure all
decisions made comply with local and national statutes. The position
also allows her to supervise and evaluate the conduct of employees
regarding organizational goals.

All these career achievements and attitude to work and life makes Helane the ultimate role model for the youth.